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The most beautiful beaches of the Maddalena Islands

Choosing the Maddalena islands as a tourist destination means visiting one of the most enchanting places in the world where you can enjoy moments of absolute peace and quiet.

This set of over 60 islands and small islands, is located in the north-eastern part of Sardinia, bordering the Costa Smeralda, among which are visited most: La Maddalena, Caprera, Spargi, Budelli, Santo Stefano, Razzoli and Santa Maria .

Since 1994 they have been part of the La Maddalena Islands National Park, which protects their marine and terrestrial areas.


A place between sky and sea

Going to the Maddalena Islands means getting ready to admire some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.

Among the most famous beaches of La Maddalena is Cala Spalmatore.

Situated a few kilometres from the town centre, it offers visitors breathtaking panoramas: two promontories of pink granite rocks covered with unspoilt nature and containing three small beaches of golden sand and crystal clear sea.

This area is particularly popular not only for its beauty but also for lovers of snorkeling and for those who want to stay away from other more chaotic beaches.

Another particularly famous beach is the one calledTesta del Polpo (Octopus Head), or in Sardinian dialect,Capocchia du Purpu, a real natural basin in the area of Isoleddu.

Clear sea and shallow seabed surround this white sandy beach on which stands a rock whose particular shape similar to that of an octopus, gives rise to the name of this place.

In a decentralized area not yet very well known to tourists is the beach of Monte d'Arena, on the north coast. It consists of a large sandy coastline with alternating formations of cliffs dotted with Mediterranean flora and a turquoise sea with sandy seabed.

Going to Budelli, one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, you can not help but be enchanted by the famous Pink Beach, in Cala di Roto.

The characteristic colour of the sand of this beach is due to the mixture of calcareous shells belonging to a stranded marine protozoon, the Miniacina miniacea, with pink granite rocks.

The contrast that creates the emerald shades of the water and the green of the surrounding nature, give this place a fairytale atmosphere to enjoy from afar on a boat because since 1998 the rules imposed by the Park, prohibit bathing and access due to episodes of vandalism.

  The island of Caprera, linked to the figure of Giuseppe Garibaldi, who decided to spend the last years of his life here, is not only a place where you can visit important historical monuments, but especially to admire the beauty of what is the second largest island in the archipelago where unspoiled nature and sandy beaches are the master.

Not to be missed are Cala Colicchio and the beach of the wreck.

Cala Colicchio is a rather secluded beach that becomes very crowded in summer even if it is not easily reachable from the ground, consisting of clear and crystal clear waters, fine white sand and slightly sloping seabed.

Instead, Spiaggia del Relitto that is located at the southern end of Caprera, on the promontory of Punta Rossa, enchants for its wild nature as well as for a landscape made suggestive by the half-buried remains of a coal tanker that ran aground on this coast.

A more relaxed atmosphere awaits you at Santo Stefano on the Spiaggia del Pesce (Fish Beach). Also in this case, the beach can only be reached by sea, and consists of white sand that is washed by emerald green waters with a shallow sandy seabed.

Ideal for those who want to spend their holidays away from crowded places, without sacrificing wellness and the many services that superior facilities offer.

Enchanting landscapes can be admired from the island of Spargi. Although throughout the year is almost completely uninhabited, is a protected natural oasis, from unspoiled beauty.

In Spargi you can go to Cala Corsara, also known as Cala della Strega, which is distinguished by its cobalt blue waters, fine white sand and shallow waters framed by a natural background of granite rock formations with pink reflections and Mediterranean scrub.

As for natural landscapes from less is the island of Santa Maria with its enchanting views.

Situated on the eastern side, Cala Santa Maria is one of the most beautiful beaches of La Maddalena, always reachable only by sea and subject to the strict rules of the Park Authority.

It consists of a particularly extensive coastline of fine sand that slopes gently between the crystal clear waters.

Together with Caprera, the island of Santa Maria is the only one, to be permanently inhabited: surrounded by the surrounding Mediterranean maquis, there are small villas used for summer residences and a hotel, which offers few rooms, where only a lucky few will be able to enjoy an enchanting holiday.


The perfect place to relax
with comfort, nature and beautiful beaches!

Blu Baita Residence is an apartment complex located in La Maddalena, in the countryside between sea and mountains. Its strategic location allows you to have nearby about 600 meters, beautiful beaches and the village center (about 1 km).

The excellent value for money makes our Residence the ideal solution for those wishing to spend a wonderful holiday in Sardinia, enjoying the comforts and relaxing between culture, beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters.

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