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The Maddalena

An island, a dream

The Village

The image of the island La Maddalena has always been associated with tranquility and serenity, if we add the sun, the wind, the sea, the clear waters like nowhere there are more, the ancient and contemporary history, marine parks, the pink beach, we speak of a unique place in the world. An island to enjoy a relaxing holiday, in search of comfort and fun.

La Maddalena is the largest island in the National Park of La Maddalena where there is the town that is the only permanent human settlement of the archipelago.

The place

It has an area of ​​about 20 km2 and a development of about 45 km of jagged coastline, dotted with picturesque bays and charming coves. Its interior is dominated by a system of hills, the highest of which is the Old Guard hill that reaches 146 m above sea level. From its summit you can see a landscape of incomparable beauty and vast expanses of a yellow-pink rock of great beauty.

A scenic drive allows you to make the circuit of the island and through a set of places of extraordinary beauty, some of which retain a wild and unspoiled nature that has become a big tourist wealth.

Among these, the Spalmatore's cove, located north of the Naval Museum in a rich concretions granitic environment; Porto Massimo, located in the north of the island, where in recent years is built a marina around which has developed a holiday resort of great attraction; Punta Marginetto and Punta Cannone: are located at the northern end of the island bordering the creek Abbatoggia, preserving a pristine environment with alternating short stretches of sand and steep cliffs and wild-looking; Giardinelli, located on the eastern side of the island in view of Caprera, rich in spectacular granite formations.

The beaches


It is wedge-shaped cove, exposed to the Scirocco. The beach is small (about 18 m.) and consists of fine sand of granitic origin.

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Bassa Trinita

It is located south of Punta Abbatoggia, where it opens Cala Maiore . The beach is the longest on the island (325 m. approximately). Behind the beach rise small white sand dunes.

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It is situated north-east of the Mother Island; it has a rounded bay, dominated by rugged rocky crags and by the rise of the Turkish Guard (98 m.).

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Monte d'a Rena

The beach is located north - west of the island . The granite of the surrounding cliffs has been heavily degraded by erosion, which has shaped the rocks in several specific forms.

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