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Spending the summer to the island of La Maddalena

Also this year, tour operators have confirmed that Sardinia is in first place among the favorite tourist destinations of most Italians.
In particular, the islands belonging to the group of islands of La Maddalena, in the north-eastern part of Sardinia, are expected to attract more people.
The golden beaches, the crystal clear sea and the different islands surrounding the largest one, make it an ideal place to spend your holidays with family and friends, relaxing in the sun.
However, many people have asked for advice on the best way to visit the islands of La Maddalena.

The most suitable transport to reach La Maddalena

First of all, to get to Sardinia, the best and also the fastest way of transport is by plane.
In order to reach La Maddalena, you will have to arrive at the small town of Palau, called "the gate of the islands" from where every 10 minutes ferries leave for the island.
The closest airport to the port of Palau is Olbia, but those arriving in Cagliari or Alghero can reach the town by bus, car or train.

Wonderful places to visit

Once you reach La Maddalena there are many activities to do: in addition to visiting the island with its characteristic village, the famous Corso Garibaldi full of shops, the Nido d'Aquila and the panoramic street, you can relax lying under the sun on one of its beautiful beaches.
Not surprisingly, La Maddalena is known above all for its beaches not only the most beautiful in Italy, but all over the world as they have nothing to envy the famous Caribbean beaches.
Do not miss the following: Spalmatore, Cardellino, Giardinelli, Bassa Trinità, Tegge, and Capocchia du Purpu.
Arriving on the other hand in Caprera, through a road that connects the two islands, you can find the Spiaggia del Relitto and Cala Andreani.
However, the most suggestive and idyllic place of the whole group of islands is the Pink Beach of Budelli north of Spargi, so called because the whole coastline is composed of this pink sand formed by shells and corals, which gives it a magical appearance and brings you into an enchanted world.
In this context, in order not to miss any of the enchanting islands that populate La Maddalena, you can turn to one of the many local agencies that organize real boat tours to discover the treasures that the Islands have to offer.
And not to mention the cultural aspect or for lovers of history, in Caprera not to be missed is a visit to the Museo Compendio Garibaldino.
This place, initially the residence of the hero of two worlds who chose this island as a place to spend the last years of his life, preserves memorabilia and the famous desk of Garibaldi making you touch with your own hands the "history".
For the youngest there is the Sea Museum, where you can visit the historical, artistic and manufacturing testimonies that belonged to the ancient population that lived on the island; although of no less importance are also the Diocesan Museum and the Naval Archaeological Museum "Nino Lamboglia".

Where to sleep on La Maddalena

Since summer is a time when hotel facilities become very expensive, it would be appropriate to book in advance or maybe go to Sardinia in periods of low tourist attendance, so you can save on final charges.
That's why when it comes to quality and savings many choose to rely on our Residence Blu Baita, as we have been experts in the hotel industry for years, always ensuring the best proposal to our customers at an affordable price, relying on a highly qualified staff and always at your disposal.
Staying at our residence you can therefore not only spend less but you can dive into an environment of absolute relaxation and comfort through the wonderful views that can be glimpsed from every room.

Culinary specialities of La Maddalena

Visiting La Maddalena also means letting yourself be seduced by the numerous culinary dishes based mainly on fish to be enjoyed in one of the many famous restaurants such as Garden on the main street or La Baracca Restaurant in Cala Camiciotto area, where quality and excellence are the master at very competitive prices.
And if you want to go to one of the most fashionable places in the area you can not miss the Rifugio dei Peccatori even if here the prices are a bit higher than normal.
Among the typical Sardinian dishes that you can enjoy in these places are: spaghetti with lobster, Sardinian goat, the spaghetti of the hunter, the octopus on the spit and stuffed squid: remember, however, to leave some "space" for tasty sweets such as sebadas, better known as seadas, pancakes that are covered with honey, pecorino cheese, cinnamon and sugar.

The perfect place to relax
with comfort, nature and beautiful beaches!

Blu Baita Residence is an apartment complex located in La Maddalena, in the countryside between sea and mountains. Its strategic location allows you to have nearby about 600 meters, beautiful beaches and the village center (about 1 km).

The excellent value for money makes our Residence the ideal solution for those wishing to spend a wonderful holiday in Sardinia, enjoying the comforts and relaxing between culture, beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters.

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